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Architects and Engineers  
CADFORCE is experienced in all phases of the architectural and engineering processes, from schematic design through project completion. Firms nationwide turn to CADFORCE to support their production or to use BIM to transform their practice. What started as redline pickups and CAD conversion projects has evolved to full CD production and next-generation Building Information Modeling (BIM).  
Partnering with CADFORCE requires no investment in additional technology. We integrate into your firm’s existing workflow and procedures so ramp-up is fast and efficient.  
Our BIM support services range from producing Revit models from 2D files (or ground up) to providing advanced hosting and technology infrastructure management of a full BIM model. We can create the technical environment, implementing the software, and manage it on an ongoing basis, performing specific tasks within a BIM model using asynchronous or concurrent version systems, depending on the appropriate solution.  
CADFORCE is fully equipped to take on the “heavy lifting” of producing full sets of construction drawings for projects of all sizes in a timely and cost-effective manner. Since we tailor our services to the needs of our clients, our involvement (and deliverables) varies for each project. You set the specs – we get it done. Right. And on time.  
For example, we’re often called upon to collaborate in the schematic design and design development phase, providing basic CAD support services then ramping up to produce anywhere from 75-90% of the “intelligent drafting” drawings for construction documentation package. Our U.S.-based architect/client service managers work in close collaboration with our clients, often meeting face-to-face to roll out plans, becoming an almost permanent extension of their in-house team. These staffers also interact closely with our India-based drafting staff, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and on (or under) budget.  
CADFORCE can take on virtually any CAD project at any stage of the design/construction process, including picking up redlines, paper to CAD conversions, converting from one file type to another or completing files based on your specifications. CADFORCE’s drafters are expert users of the entire suite of Autodesk products, including AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop and Revit.  
We can help your firm take on your first BIM project today-
Whether you’re just starting your first project in BIM or want to leverage the database tools that exist within the model, CADFORCE can help you realize your goals. From strategic planning beginning with BIM specifications, to a BIM execution plan, into the management of multiple BIM project models, CADFORCE can develop a technology implementation and migration plan to suit your requirements. Understanding your needs and requirements, CADFORCE provides the value of solutions in addition to specified deliverables. Our clients engage us to translate their needs into requirements for creating and managing the virtual building process, as well as for our expertise in developing the data requirements of the Building Information Model. We build models for not just the design or construction process, but for the entire project lifecycle.  
Do you need 10 drafters on a project? Do you need to incorporate a BIM solution into your next job but don’t have the BIM savvy staff available? Call CADFORCE. Are you seeking ways to optimize your existing internal resources? Software. Systems. People. Process. Solutions.